Life is tide

Tide of rivals

Rivals are glaring

Glaring lacunaes

Lacunaes are like nudge

Rivals makes us relentless

Relentlessness makes us robust

Robust is strong feeling

Surely is inevitable

If we want to make it..

Urban community – duty on field

Here, my community posting are going on. I didn’t get time to write about my rural posting. But this time, I decided to write without any laziness.

So, now I started, last week I was on an urban community in Delhi near panchuian road, andhmahavidya.

I had never imagined that, when we go inside we find something new and unexpected, that is, streets in the streets. 

In between the streets, lots of people’s lives there. They don’t have any house, live in small tents. They also made their food outside the house.

The majority was Muslims. I observed their chapati maker. They made a big chapati like rumali roti around approx of radius 5 c.m. If you would eat one of them, then absolutely your stomach will become full.They were making their chapatis on the opposite side of tava.

That place was very bad, every time a very bad, foul smell came, it’s hard for all of us to spend 5 hours a day there. 

There, I had given my presentation on amebiasis. It was a great experience during my presentation. There little girls had listen me very carefully. I also explain them Hand washing technique. After only a single demo of mine, I asked them to tell me the steps. Those girls explain me all steps.

I feel very proud on them.

When we were leaving that place, those girls drops us near the bus. 

It was a great experience to meet those people’s and children’s. 

How can I forget my little cute and sweet puppy there..

Your love

Your seen made me hopeless

Your eyes made me hopeful

Your attention made me special

Your hands made me warm

Your touch palpate my heart

Your voice sings a song in my ear

Your words made me fall for you

Your arms made me feel strong

Your ignorance made me dejected

This time,

Your words hurt me

Your hands slaps me

Your love kills me

Who I am?

Many times I ask to myself,
Who I am?

Now I feel really tired and frustrated about all the things in life.In India everyone wants to become better and best, I remember when I was child I was a very bad student my muma, papa beat me for this many times, but I didn’t change.But after sometimes when a very big problem came in our life which change my life completely. I started seeing dreams. In one of my dreams I want to be  doctor, but I didn’t able to complete my dream.Now I am nurse,my family is satisfied with my position, I am here, only I know how much I suffer to get this position. Everyday when I wake up I am thinking I will start again, I will give my best, but everytime someone cames from behind and demotivate me again. A place, where everytime you feel that you don’t become doctor,that’s why,you don’t do this,this things, you work too hard more than any doctor,but no one saw your work. They told you be in your limits, a place where activities devided between doctor and nurses. 

I ask to myself, “Is it my dream?”

I thought that I am not able to do anything good,every day,every minute,every second is full of humiliation and insult. Where everytime people’s came and told you,you are not doctor,this is the punishment for you.

I did a very big mistake to become part of it.Now I don’t have any option but I also don’t able to accept it.I don’t understand my past,present and future. I don’t know,i can do something in life or not? When I ask myself I saw only darkness.
In bhagawad geeta krishna says that “Whatever happened, happened for the good.

Steve Jobs says that – “you have to trust that dots somehow connect in future, you can’t connect the dots looking forward,you only connect it in future”

Now I tired by this things,i ask to myself why all good happens with me.

I don’t get any individuality and respect,everytime I ask to myself..

Who I am?

Can I explain?

I am here today want to explain a worst thing of my college…. nursing college….

People’s who are not here tell me – ” You are lucky, you are the part of govt college”

But how I reach here I had already explained in my previous blogs, 

I always ask to myself

Can I lucky? Sometimes the answer came yes ..

Many times a big NO… ..

Where teacher give you marks after seeing your face….after one and half year, I don’t able to know which type of face they like….here always saw my face on my mirror and asked myself

How much marks can I give after seeing my face?

I don’t able to give marks….

Yes, I agree with it I am in good college, I am lucky or not, no idea!

Then I get to know if you want to go forward in your life there is no need of hard and smart work….you have to become cruel… politician,try to toucher others,don’t listen anyone…

Somewhere i listen this-” first impression is a last impression”

I don’t agree with it , it is not important that you make someone first image in their last image in your mind, everyone has  right to present them and take chances to prove yourself….

But here it is not allowed to you….

If in someone eyes,you are bad….

Then you are bad..

Another line called….

Is it really work?

One of my friend told me, explain yourself to your teacher…

But I said ,I don’t want to explain anything to her,if she thinks wrong it’s her problem not mine…

I know


In college seniors always toucher junior,but I think if you don’t behave good with someone,either they will became like you or they will became worsen than you or they will became like me, I never tell anything to my juniors because I know this affect their personality…I don’t want to born a Sin…

A junior came to mine for help for her mother,i told her I had class but she requested too much then I said

OK, yes

But my teacher don’t allow me…I feel very bad

Again I get to know, “cruelty and worsening win in this world and again I asked myself,

 “Can I explain”

Happy B’day😍

From long time, I don’t write because of lots of work…..when I get break then I get wallowed..
Today is my birthday….31 October…last day of this month…I did not too much excited yesterday for this day, but this year , today become very special for me because of some lovely close people’s in my life….

This type of things seldomly occurs with me….this year too many wishes came from unexpected people’s…..made my day a great day…

I feel very lucky this type of special people’s in my life and I am in their priority list….

Thanks to all….