Narendra Modi US Visit


As we all know about, US and India relationships, After Narendra Modi had become prime minister, this diplomatic relationship become more stronger. I really appreciate the work and hard work of Mr.Modi.

Mr.MODI who visited the US as part of three nation tour. Recently, on June 26, PM modi had visited white house. President Donald Trump welcomed the modi. Donald trump also invited Modi for dinner in white house.

In this visit, both these nations talk about their diplomatic relationship and how to strengthen the relationship between these two countries. While addressing the media, President Donald Trump said that, US as a “True friend” of India. He said that, “The frienship between United States and India is build on shared values including our shared commitment to democracy, and the constitution of both nations begin with the same three very beautiful words, “WE THE PEOPLE”.

PM Modi also met 24 CEOs and had asked them to invest  in India, as it will be a ” Bussiness friendly” destination.


They also said that both nation will fight together against ” Terrorism”

PM Modi and President Donald Trump pledged to deepen defence and security coorporation, and increasing free and fair trade.


At last, it was a great visit, it will deepens the India and US diplomatic relationships.


Feminism a word which is related to women’s rights and women’s empowerment. 


Feminism, which is a very sensitive topic in all countries, where women’s don’t get equal rights as same as men and other people’s of country. In India, where women’s had already fight a lot for their rights and their common status in society. Even after, 70 years of independence, women’s harassed by,  Dowry system, Rape cases, Domestic violence,Female foeticide..etc.

There so many resolution and rules made and implicated by government to get over and promote the positions of women’s in society.

Even after that, the places in society, still women’s are treated very badly. I don’ say, nothing had been change in these 70 years, there are revolutionary changes taken place in status of women in society. Constitution of India, has major role for this change in society.

I don’t here to discuss about women empowerment or feminism, i want to discuss here the wrong concept of “FEMINISM” in the mind of people’s in India.

 Feminism, which means – the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. Feminism, which deals with “women’s rights and interest”. It doesn’t mean, women is superior compare to other person. Feminism, this just invoked about “EQUALITY” 


But, individuals, take it wrong, not only men, also women. In 2015, a vedio had  become viral, made by famous actress, Deepika padukone, she is also my favourite. She had made this vedio on feminism, MY CHOICE. But, There are various types of statement or comments given by deepika in this vedio, I don’t agree.


In our Indian culture, We are not allowed to do things like western culture, Not any men or women. I don’t act like chauvinist, I just explain the feminism, we don’t want superiority, we only want equality. If a men beat his wife and when his wife fight back and take action by using law. This is called FEMINISM.



I want to lost myself in a cup of coffee and don’t get over from it again. The aroma of coffee and impact of caffeine lost myself in the world different from reality. Where neither love nor deceivness exist. Love and hate are antonyms but deceivness is the end of love.

Replace the coffee with alcohol which intoxicate you in the different world.

Sometimes this intoxication is necessary for living normal life..


Everytime, I do my best

Everytime, I leave the rest

Everytime, I close my eyes

Everytime, I saw the dream of light
Everytime, they put me down

Everytime, they break my heart

Everytime, they kill me

Everytime, they put me in dream of darkness
Everytime, I woke up

Everytime, I dress up

Everytime, I show up

Everytime, I do my best

Everytime I leave the rest

Everytime, I become tired

Everytime, I cry under pillow

Everytime, I sleep like dead body

Everytime, I struggle for breath

Everytime, I became like nothing else

Everytime, I do my best

Everytime, I leave the rest

Everytime, I become powerless

Everytime, I become numb

Everytime, I become paralytic

Everytime, I want to leave myself forever
Everyday, I do my best

Everytime, I leave the rest

Everytime, I manipulated by this world

Finally, I defended

I gave up..


Nursing profession in India..

I don’t know about other countries.

Here , many people’s will think I underestimate my own profession. But, I just want to tell the reality of nursing in India. 

This is my thinking, my perception, my experience. I don’t against others perception and thinking about anything.

In India.. Nursing is the worst proportion I think. This is my perception, not general.

I am Bsc (Hon’s) nursing student from very reputed college in Delhi. But in nursing , people’s will never judge you from your work. You work hard or not, it’s on you, it’s your choice. Don’t think if you work good, you will get appreciation from other.

Not any Doctor, Not any nurse, Not any patient will appreciate you. They will just put you down. You told yourself I will change this, but reality is you will never change this.

I am 2nd year student. When I joined this, I thought that it will be very exciting. I will work with doctor. In my books syllabus is like MBBS, but when we want to do something in ward. Sister’s told me- “It’s not our work, it’s doctors work”

Blood sampling, RBS, RT insertion, catheter insertion, prescription of medicine, ABG..etc..etc. All is doctors work.

Even you can’t  put stathescope around your neck.It’s not allowed in India.

Do you want to know what is our work?

Changing bedsheets of patients everyday, Body cleaning of patient, mouth care of patient..Works, I don’t want to mention here.

I don’t want to say it’s small work,I don’t want to do. But why they are wasting our time by teaching us medicine, surgery books. By doing all this, all around us treat you like you are some sweeper or lower caste people.

Even, patient told you

Apka Kam h chddar bichana

Your work is bedding

Some attendent calls you “ chddarwali”

Sister’s gives you work – trolley cleaning, store room cleaning. You have to wear a stupid uniform and bound all hears upward in front of doctors.

No one give a damn about you.

As a student, after all of this, your teachers mentally toucher you everyday. If patient die, then attendent told you, its you, you kill the patient.Doctors did their work but you don’t.

Sister’s just sit in their chairs, drink cup of tea with samosa, do nothing just give order to others. And their behavior and way of talking worst than any sweeper or worker.

Only one advantage of nursing. You get a job easily in private sector after completing your graduation degree.

So, if you belong from lower middle class family, you can’t do anything.

Either –  “Do or die”

Nursing is like a hell for me.


When I saw you, I already had fallen for you

It’s like love at first sight

When I become noticeable to you, I felt very lucky

Whenever our eyes met, my heart palpate

I want to tell you, but I didn’t have the courage

I afraid, I will lose our little interaction and respect for each other

It was a long time, I didn’t see you

Again, you came in front of my eyes

Your aura attracted me, your haste kills me

We start negotiating each other

One day, I fill my heart with courage and maneuver and started talking to you.I found you are too nice and lovely. 

It’s like a dream come true.

One day, I noticed you had change. I try many ways to ask you but it’s all normal for you. I started allegating you but you.. didn’t response. It had created a turmoil between us. 

We Bifurcate from each other

I miss you everyday, every minute and every second . 


An uncertain or Willy – nilly

An optimistic or inevitable

A spider surrounds me all around

A sophisticated turmoil

You are nice or gracious

You are darling or hated

You are admirable or not

I maneuver, I modify

All seems to be waste

You are bipolar

You are strange

You are.. Mysterious

You abandon

I gave up..