Recently, a street small cat started coming in my home. I give her milk and she took some sleep then go outside on own. She started coming daily, i patted her on her head. She just saw in my eyes.

One day she didn’t came. I started aski g to my mom ” where is my mousi”. I giver her a name. Bad thoughts coming in my mind. May be she died or killed by dogs or forgot her way.

I waited for two days, she didn’t come. That night i am crying in my blanket. I told myself, why people’s leave me, not just people’s but my cat also. On 3rd day, i accept it and started doing my work.

At night of 3rd day, my mom calling me,”see your friend came”.

I saw her she was dirty from head to toe and limbing by two legs. As because of coronavirus, mom told me don’t touch her. She came toward me and fall on floor in front of me and crying.

I took a wet cloth and cleaned all her body and face. Make a small bed on floor and give her milk, she didn’t drink just slept. Whenever i got up from sleep go to see her and offer her milk. Next day, i massaged her leg with hot oil and put a haldi paste on her leg. Slowly, she started walking. I tried to feed her, she ate too less.

When she improved after four days, she again want to go out from house. I don’t allow her. But she keep crying to go outside. She gone.

Then i sit on my chair and thinking, why i got too attached whether with people’s or anything. I give all myself to anyone. All love and care in exchange i got nothing just hurt.

Then a thought came, whatever i do good or bad to others it is for myself. Cat didn’t ask me for help. She was in pain, i heal her on my will. Why i need validation.

You do whatever in your hand but you can’t control another person to treat you the same way.

If you feel velnerable you are lacking something from inside. Just fill those gap with yourself not by enforcing another person.

Lastly, my CAT 💕

Nature’s Calls

As the whole world is on threatening situation. Time when world forget about their own crisis and pray to God, save the mankind.

Sometimes i think about karma is actually true. From years, we humiliate, destroy our nature’s surrounding, spread pollution, greenhouse effect and global warming. Nature calls us many time as an alarm clock but we humans never consider it as an tragic situation.

Now, it nature’s call.

Around more than 1000 people’s has been diagnoses with covid 19 and 20 deaths. It’s a serious tragic crisis.

India is on lockdown from last 7 days till 15th April. But still people’s don’t take it seriously moves around and act as misanthropist.

In this situation, it is required to be ambidextrous by hand washing and maintain distancing.

Covid – 19

Covid – 19 is like a misanthrope. It is a huge crisis in world history. Which surrounds the whole world drastically. It’s a sinister to mankind.

India is on 2nd stage of covid – 19. The whole country is on lockdown. At this time it is required people’s should be altruistic and maintain distance. If people will not support then whole country will be on worst situation. Because medical facilities is not as strong as other countries. There are people’s doctor and nurses who risk their lives for mankind.

A Battle of big dreams 1

A small girl took birth in a family of “Pandit’s”

A second child of her mother. She was crying excessively tears rolling down to her cheeks. Tomato face carrot lips with a big eyes.

Mother took her in her laps, and put her carrot lips on her breast nipples. She started sucking like a greedy.

Nurse calls her father. He came and their eyes glue to each other.

He kiss on her lips and thank to God for his sweet baby girl.

She took birth with greats dreams in her big eyes. She doesn’t know her dreams will be “Battle Of Dreams” But, she don’t know, “What’s life”?

To be continued..

Love yourself

If you had met me four years before, you can’t identity me as now a completely changed person.

Yes, everybody change with time. If you don’t change it means you are not progressing.

Whenever someone said to me something offensive I feel filthy and very bad about myself and waste my whole day and sometime more than a day thinking about that person who hurt me.

As it happens with most of the people’s. Someone said bad to you or may be someone left you.

You doubt on yourself, as I did or say something wrong.

If you find your mistake than said sorry to that person. If you didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t over think that much now.

A opposite person, what they think about you, it’s their thinking. What important thing is ” what you think about you, how are you as a person”

Don’t judge yourself based on opinion of others. You are a different person have different body and mind.

Use your MIND!

Love yourself

Someone left you or hurt you. Now you became depressed and feeling alone.

Is this affect you or other person who hurt you?

It’s hard to forget someone but when you focus on yourself there is not any thing that affect you.

Work on yourself, make yourself best of you.

Then you will feel proud on you.

A New Year

For everyone new year had already started on January 2017. For me, new year has been started now, because I entered the third year of graduation. 

Half gone, Half left..

This two years was worst and best both for me. I learned too much and with mental strength, my physical strength also has increased by doing too much work for hours. I met many people’s here and learned from them. Some had alleged me,some defamed. So it’s a mixture of alleged, defamed, concede and also love and care for me. 

A medical environment was very new for me and my problem is that I take time to learn. Sometime I had became frustrated here. I always try to mend this rift either made by me or by someone else. 

I remember when I lost myself in nostalgia of my home. But my mom just say to me ” Try to adjust”. I was suffering here from lots of offence. Nursing is very tough profession. Even after two years I am not happy. Sometimes I masquerade myself to hide my sorrow. Here no one to give you incentive to do something. 

One thing is best is camaraderie around me. I find good friends who has always here for me.

Let’s see.. what’s next will be another two years.


Temptation is a very notorious thing. Where we want that we don’t have to do ” this” or “that” type of thing which will not good for us. But we can’t stop ourselves. We again and again repeat this things or mistakes.

This is common in various cases which we want but don’t do:

  1. Losing weight
  2. Feeding good diet
  3. Writing everyday
  4. Don’t talk to someone who ignores you
  5. Study long hours..etc

Now, you are suffering from any of this problem. We only procrastinate or defy. Everytime we take resolution and always try to mend things. We have been notice only impasse we always breach promises to ourselves. 

Like in a relationship, when another person always contempt you. You thought, you will not talk to him/her again. But TEMPTATION act as rein, which emphasis us to repeat the same thing again and again.

 In temptation, we lose our boisterous energy. Which vandalise our self steem very badly. 

So now the question arise:

How will you overcome this temptation?

It’s too easy. But you have to become consistent in your task. 

First make small goals like today you have to read two pages of any book which you want to read. When you complete it slowly increase it 2-3-4-8-10. 

When in alternate days, you wouldn’t able to don’t punish yourself. But don’t leave, next day try the same. Use some incentives for you. 

Same as for losing weight we all know exercise is important. First start from small move 15-20 minutes.Then slowly increase your time. 

Don’t always look at your failures, also look at your success.

If you want to ask anything related to this topic ask in comment section.😊