So, here is my 2nd day of writing So, today i joined my hospital duties after a long break, and guess, what i got. A patient attendent gives us a box full of chocolates. I had became too joyful. This reminded me a dialogue from a movies “FORREST GUMP” “Life Was Like A Box Full… Continue reading Chocolates


Black Hole

In a dark room with memsemerizing lightStanding alone with a losing sightDimness surround heart more than eyesThis despair of darknessCirculating like a Black hole of losing life.


Today, i am talking about another topic on mental health is danger also called Anxiety. So what we called anxiety? As, i learned in my college days, called Imagined Danger, means you are assuming that something going to happen with some action of yours. Or you afraid of something also called phobia. When you are… Continue reading DANGER

Mental health

Why i am discussing this issue? Mental health is underrated topic in all over world, specially in India. I don’t know about other countries, they open up or not as much required. But in India after so much mental awareness, still plethoric lacking in this part of health. Today i touch this topic because i… Continue reading Mental health

First love

Red lipsSmiling under her milky handsBlushing flower pink cheecksRed rose in handAnd butterflies in stomachSeems likeHer first love arrives

Nature’s Calls

As the whole world is on threatening situation. Time when world forget about their own crisis and pray to God, save the mankind. Sometimes i think about karma is actually true. From years, we humiliate, destroy our nature’s surrounding, spread pollution, greenhouse effect and global warming. Nature calls us many time as an alarm clock… Continue reading Nature’s Calls

Covid – 19

Covid – 19 is like a misanthrope. It is a huge crisis in world history. Which surrounds the whole world drastically. It’s a sinister to mankind. India is on 2nd stage of covid – 19. The whole country is on lockdown. At this time it is required people’s should be altruistic and maintain distance. If… Continue reading Covid – 19

A Battle of big dreams 1

A small girl took birth in a family of “Pandit’s” A second child of her mother. She was crying excessively tears rolling down to her cheeks. Tomato face carrot lips with a big eyes. Mother took her in her laps, and put her carrot lips on her breast nipples. She started sucking like a greedy.… Continue reading A Battle of big dreams 1